BB08 Wholey Stuff

These exercises are designed to enhance visual closure skills. Visual closure is the ability to recognize or identify an object when only a partial image of it is presented. This skill is fundamental for reading efficiency, quick recognition of words and numbers, and the ability to process visual information smoothly. Our exercise series employs a unique approach by gradually revealing words, numbers, and images that initially appear incomplete, with “holes” in the imagery. These gaps are filled in as the image is slowly disclosed, challenging participants to use visual closure skills to recognize the image before it is fully visible.

What You Will Learn:

  • Visual Closure Proficiency: Improve the ability to quickly and accurately identify incomplete visual information, essential for reading and understanding visual cues.
  • Enhanced Visual Perception: Develop stronger visual perceptual skills, including figure-ground perception, form constancy, and visual memory, through engaging exercises.
  • Cognitive Skill Development: Boost cognitive abilities such as attention to detail, concentration, and visual scanning, which are crucial for academic success and daily life.
  • Efficient Information Processing: Enhance the brain’s ability to process and interpret visual information efficiently, leading to faster and more accurate recognition of words, numbers, and objects.

Course Instructor

Liz Weaver Liz Weaver Author