BB10 Memory Cards

This memory card Course is designed to significantly improve visual memory skills through a series of engaging and interactive memory card games. Utilizing playing cards as the primary tool, this course introduces participants to various games that are not only fun but also highly effective in boosting memory retention and recall abilities. The course is divided into three main sets: letters, numbers, and sight words, each aimed at enhancing different aspects of visual memory and recognition.

Memory Cards

What You Will Learn:

  • Letter Recognition and Memory: Through the letter card set, participants will enhance their ability to quickly recognize and remember alphabets in various contexts, aiding in reading fluency and writing accuracy.
  • Number Recall and Sequencing: The number card set focuses on improving numerical memory, including the ability to remember sequences and perform basic arithmetic operations more swiftly.
  • Sight Word Retention: With the sight word card set, participants will improve their vocabulary and reading skills by memorizing common and frequently used words, speeding up the reading process and enhancing comprehension.

Course Instructor

Liz Weaver Liz Weaver Author