The Overly Emotional Child

“A Master Class in Understanding Children’s Emotions” (And It’s Free!)

Have your child’s emotions ever run out of control? Did their emotions seem overly intense? Maybe it happened in public and it really felt like your child was trying to embarrass you.

This new courseexplores big emotions. Why children have them. How parents can help children through them. How parents can teach children to be emotionally intelligent. And simple things parents can do to improve behavior.

Parents will learn to tap into their own inner wisdom to find the answers. It’s like a Master Class in child psychology for parents, Watch the documentary tonight and you will positively impact generations to come.

Overly Emotional Child
A Master Class in understanding children’s emotions, teaching emotional intelligence, and resilience.
A Free Class

You Will Learn

Learn parenting tricks from the experts. Become a parenting superstar!

  • Parental Self-Awareness and Regulation
  • Understanding Child Brain Development
  • Tools for Helping Children Express Emotions
  • Responding to Children’s Emotions
  • Positive Reinforcement and Motivation
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding personal emotional triggers
  • Practicing self-care and emotional self-regulation
  • Remaining calm and supportive during child’s emotional outbursts
  • Development of the rational brain
  • Children need guidance and support for emotional regulation
  • Using art, mindfulness, deep breathing, etc.
  • Regularly practicing skills during calm periods
  • Utilizing skills during emotional situations
  • Empathy and validation
  • Collaborative problem-solving
  • Avoiding minimizing emotions or rushing to fix the situation
  • Focusing on connection with the child
  • Reinforcing good behavior
  • Earning privileges rather than losing them
  • Motivating children through positive reinforcement
  • Requires time and practice
  • Parents model and teach these skills
  • Highly impactful for children and parents


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