BB08 Ending Sounds

An Auditory Discrimination and Phonemic Awareness Lesson

The “Ending Sounds” exercise is designed to enhance a student’s phonemic awareness, with a particular emphasis on the terminal sounds of words. By pinpointing words with identical ending sounds, students are trained to pay heightened attention to the final phonemes, which play a significant role in both reading fluency and spelling accuracy.


  1. 1. Augmented Phonemic Awareness: Recognizing and isolating the terminal sounds in words are essential components of phonemic awareness, critical for advancing in reading and spelling tasks.
  2. 2. Refined Auditory Discrimination: By focusing on the ending sounds, students hone their skill of differentiating between words that may sound alike, thus reinforcing their understanding of sound-letter relationships in literacy.
  3. 3. Elevated Listening Skills: This exercise demands students to concentrate on the subtle distinctions of spoken words, amplifying their overall auditory discrimination abilities.
  4. 4. Support in Reading and Spelling: Mastery in discerning ending sounds aids students in improved reading fluency and spelling precision, especially when navigating through challenging or unfamiliar words.

Course Instructor

Laura Lurns Laura Lurns Author


  1. Listen to the audio. There will be four words given.
  2. Among these four words, two of them share the same ending sound.
  3. After listening, the student’s task is to identify the two words with the same ending sounds.

“Ending Sounds” is a meticulously designed activity for students with auditory processing disorder or dyslexia. By concentrating on the nuances of word terminations it acts as a catalyst in elevating their literacy prowess, primarily in reading and spelling endeavors.

Various reading levels are provided. However, no matter what level the student is at they should start with the first grade reading level sentences.

If desired, a teacher may use the download to read from rather than the audio.

Note: Do not mark a lesson as complete if there is difficulty. Leave it as incomplete and come back to it again later. Only mark each as completed when you are satisfied with them.

Ending Sounds – First Grade Reading Level

New LessonExercise 10 – Ending Sounds – Fourth Grade Reading Level