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Many people have difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments. This problem is a type of auditory discrimination called Auditory Figure-Ground Discrimination. Despite the strange name it is straightforward to correct. Do a few of these exercises daily. Regular exercise is the key to improvement.

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Echo Me: An Auditory Figure-Ground Discrimination Exercise

The “Echo Me” exercise is conceptualized to refine auditory memory and ability to discern speech in the presence of background noise. This skill is paramount, especially in real-world situations where multiple auditory stimuli compete for attention. By progressing through levels of increasing background noise, students are trained to focus their auditory attention on specific spoken information amid distractions.


  1. Strengthened Auditory Memory: Repeating words back in sequence encourages the enhancement of short-term auditory memory and recall.
  2. Enhanced Auditory Figure-Ground Skills: The introduction of background noise challenges the student’s ability to discern speech against competing auditory stimuli, a skill known as auditory figure-ground discrimination.
  3. Boosted Concentration and Focus: In real-life scenarios, distractions are commonplace. Training in a controlled environment with increasing background noise prepares students to maintain focus and comprehension in more chaotic settings.
  4. Improved Speech Comprehension: Continual practice aids students in understanding and replicating spoken language more accurately, even in the presence of distractions.

“Echo Me” is a progressive exercise tailored for children with auditory processing disorder or dyslexia. By systematically raising the auditory challenge, it lays the foundation for better speech comprehension and focus in real-world noisy environments

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